Streetpass Chicago’s 3rd Anniversary Giveaway!!



Greeting everyone!

Both Miitups in June are very sepcial to us, as Streetpass Chicago turns 3 years old! To help Celebrate this event we will give giveing away Celebrate and Happy Hour Smeargles!

For those that don’t know Happy Hour is a move that was released in Japan. When used it doubles the prize money earned in battles. It stacks with the prize money o-power and Amulet Coin/Luck Incense. ┬áIt is a great way to earn cash in Kalos!

Celebrate is just a move that was also given away in Japan and when used says Congratulations <trainer name>!

We will be handing them out at both Miitups in June, so spread the word about this give away! We hope to see a lot of you this month.