Streetpass Chicago Miitup 06/14/14


Greetings from the founder! For this miitup we decided to test the waters and bring a Wii U with Mario Kart 8. We had a couple of people engaged in playing a couple of races so it was a great idea to bring it. We will continue to do so unless otherwise stated. Our admin Uiru officially announced the start of our own Pokemon league so please check the post below for more details! We gave a decent amount of Happy Hour Smeargle’s out so we hope you enjoy them as it was for our admin Andrew in obtaining them for you all!






Aside from the Mario Kart 8 frustrations and hilarious moments, we had plenty of laughs browsing through funny miiverse postings. In addition we have finally posted the last 6 races of the day for Mario Kart 8 on our official youtube page. Be sure to check us out by clicking the youtube icon on the right side of the page! Be sure to mark your calenders for our next miitup falling on June 28th! Also catch us Monday nights for Mario Kart 8 races! See you all then!