SPChi Pokemon League Challenge!

Hello everyone! Wil here for some exciting news! Streetpass Chicago is proud to announce the Streetpass Chicago Pokemon League! Experience the structure of the game in real life! Participate and become the champion, or take part in quarterly tournaments for the right to become a Gym Leader! Videos will be posted on Youtube and this webpage, along with codes being shared so you can follow  your favorite trainers on their road to victory anyway you want!

Although the rules will be modified a bit, the general rules will apply for this league

  • You are required to battle all gym leaders before challenging the elite four. Gym battles may be done in any order desired. Order does not matter
  • To become the champion, you must defeat the elite four in any order and then beat the current champion. If you win, you take the title and dethrone the previous champion. If you lose at any point during this trial, you must battle the elite four from the beginning.
  • To submit your win/loss, please upload the battle online and give us your video code. The recommended method is to post it on the Streetpass Chicago Facebook Page here. Alternatively, you can give us your code in person at the Miitup after it’s been uploaded. After we review the video, we will update the challenger list with your video and update your stats!

So, what would a Pokemon League be without gym badges? Fortunately we have already decided on a list of badges!
SPChi Pokemon League Badge names

Ichun Badge
Duni Badge
Santri Badge
Yontour Badge
Quingo Badge
Roex Badge
Naptem Badge
Hoctum Badge

Unfortunately, we currently do not have badge designs. But, if you would like to come up with your own badge design, then by all means contact us so you can submit your contribution and have an impact on Streetpass Chicago! We will choose the best designs to represent the badges. The best advice to win is to make a design with personality, yet be able to fit any type because of the rotating gym leaders.

If you are wondering who the Elite Four is, well, that’s a secret for now! Stay tuned for future announcements to find out!