Streetpass Chicago Mario Kart Mondays



Greetings from the founder everyone! We will be hosting weekly Mario Kart 8 tournaments every Monday starting at 11pm till 1am! At this point in time, the leaderboards will be used for bragging rights! Some time in the future we would like to have prizes for those on top of the hill! See you all on the raceway karters!

Tournament Code: 7967 – 1326 – 0130

Streetpass Chicago Miitups June

asdsfdgfhgjhklkjhgfdGreetings from the founder everyone! We have out next dates up for the month of June! Hope you can all make it out and have a rockin’ time!

Our first miitup is on June 14th and out second will fall on June 28th. We will be over at the Chicago Cultural Center, our usual venue at 12pm. For more information feel free to check our calender!

Most played games by attendees up until now:

-Pokemon X/Y
-Streetpass Mii Plaza Games
-Mario Kart

We will be testing the waters at this miitup with a Wii U setup running Mario Kart 8 with several Wii Remotes and Wii Classic Controllers.

Other games we might possibly be running:

-New Super Mario Bros. U
-Wii Party U

Greetings from the Streetpass Chicago founder!


Welcome to our official website! Here we will be talking about the current happenings in our growing community, share our future miitups and also talk about what goes on at each of them! We hope you continue to visit our page as time goes by so please check back often!


Also I would like to thank our friend Geremy who was kind enough to have our webpage hosted on his server so thank you again Geremy and hope you keep coming to our miitups in the future! If you would like to thank Geremy please leave a comment or if you attend a miitup you may thank him there too!