Tournament Delay

Hello everyone! I’ve been debating this for a while, but I finally decided to delay the tournament for another Miitup. Why would I do such a thing? Well, it’s to give people to adjust to the new rule for the tournament, after some members suggested it, and I thought it was worthy of implementing.

All Pokemon used in the tournament and in the league thereafter must be born in Kalos.

You can use any pokemon in the National Dex outside of legendaries as long as the Pokemon was born in Kalos, and has the Kalos born blue pentagon in its profile. This is to make sure that there aren’t any hax pokemon and to make strategy fair. We’ll see how ORAS work, and we’ll make adjustments accordingly.

So because of this rule, I will delay the tournament to a further day. I will make an announcement later to notify everyone of when the tournament will be held, but for now, please consider the new rule.

Finally in other news, three of the four Elite Four members have been confirmed!

Andrew – Ghost Type

Uiru – Steel Type

Aaka – Dark Type

????? – ??? Type

The final member is still debating on what type to use, but will update me once chosen.

The typings you may use in this tournament do not exclude the types used by the Elite Four. Just because there will be聽 a Steel type Elite Four member, doesn’t mean there can’t be a steel type gym leader. It can be the case where there’s one of each. Likewise there could be the case where we have two steel type gym leaders. This is all hypothetical of course, because the tournament still hasn’t been run, but the point is that there is no limit outside of using a specific type.

I’m sorry for the delay, but I hope this new information will help to keep things fair for everyone! Don’t forget to come to the Miitup tomorrow for some fun times!

Streetpass Chicago Miitup 06/14/14


Greetings from the founder! For this miitup we decided to test the waters and bring a Wii U with Mario Kart 8. We had a couple of people engaged in playing a couple of races so it was a great idea to bring it. We will continue to do so unless otherwise stated. Our admin Uiru officially announced the start of our own Pokemon league so please check the post below for more details! We gave a decent amount of Happy Hour Smeargle’s out so we hope you enjoy them as it was for our admin Andrew in obtaining them for you all!






Aside from the Mario Kart 8 frustrations and hilarious moments, we had plenty of laughs browsing through funny miiverse postings. In addition we have finally posted the last 6 races of the day for Mario Kart 8 on our official youtube page. Be sure to check us out by clicking the youtube icon on the right side of the page! Be sure to mark your calenders for our next miitup falling on June 28th! Also catch us Monday nights for Mario Kart 8 races! See you all then!






SPChi Pokemon League Challenge!

Hello everyone! Wil here for some exciting news! Streetpass Chicago is proud to announce the Streetpass Chicago Pokemon League! Experience the structure of the game in real life! Participate and become the champion, or take part in quarterly tournaments for the right to become a Gym Leader! Videos will be posted on Youtube and this webpage, along with codes being shared so you can follow聽 your favorite trainers on their road to victory anyway you want!

Although the rules will be modified a bit, the general rules will apply for this league

  • You are required to battle all gym leaders before challenging the elite four. Gym battles may be done in any order desired. Order does not matter
  • To become the champion, you must defeat the elite four in any order and then beat the current champion. If you win, you take the title and dethrone the previous champion. If you lose at any point during this trial, you must battle the elite four from the beginning.
  • To submit your win/loss, please upload the battle online and give us your video code. The recommended method is to post it on the Streetpass Chicago Facebook Page here. Alternatively, you can give us your code in person at the Miitup after it’s been uploaded. After we review the video, we will update the challenger list with your video and update your stats!

So, what would a Pokemon League be without gym badges? Fortunately we have already decided on a list of badges!
SPChi Pokemon League Badge names

Ichun Badge
Duni Badge
Santri Badge
Yontour Badge
Quingo Badge
Roex Badge
Naptem Badge
Hoctum Badge

Unfortunately, we currently do not have badge designs. But, if you would like to come up with your own badge design, then by all means contact us so you can submit your contribution and have an impact on Streetpass Chicago! We will choose the best designs to represent the badges. The best advice to win is to make a design with personality, yet be able to fit any type because of the rotating gym leaders.

If you are wondering who the Elite Four is, well, that’s a secret for now! Stay tuned for future announcements to find out!

Nintendo E3 2014 Direct Summary

Here is the summary of the announcements for Nintendo’s E3 2014 Direct

Nintendo E3 2014 Direct Notes

Robot Chicken Animation Intro (LOL!!!!!!!!!!!) Mother 3 reference

Super Smash Bros
-Fight with miis – Three classes (Brawlers, Swordfighters, Gunners)
-Choose 4 special moves from a pool of 12 for each class
-Showcasing so much stuff in the game it’s not even funny
-October 3 release date for 3DS

-NFC figures
-One figure can be compatible with many games
-Figure data can be rewritten
-Super Smash Bros Wii U first game compatible with the figures
-Compatible with Mario Kart 8 in the future

Yoshi’s Wooly World
-2 player mode
-Yarn artstyle

Captain Toad’s Adenture
-Mario 3d world DLC maybe? No details

Open World Zelda Game
-Cel Shaded High def awesomeness

Pokemon Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire
-In game footage
-November 21, 2014

Bayonetta 2
-1080p 60fps
-Princess peach/link/samus costumes
-Bayonetta 1 included

Hyrule Warriors
-Midna spotted (Imp form)
-2player mode (tv and gamepad separate)
-Pricess zelda playable, impa playable, midna playable
-September 26, 2014

Kirby Rainbow Curse
-Claymation style

-New story trailer
-Nopon return!!!!

Mario Maker
-Mario level maker using Super Mario Bros (NES) Style and New Super Mario Bros Style

-8 player 4v4 online multiplayer game
-Shoot ink as a human, turn into squid to swim within ink

Smash Bros
-Palutena joins the fight!!!!

So that’s it! I hope there’s something there that you’ll enjoy!

Streetpass Chicago’s 3rd Anniversary Giveaway!!



Greeting everyone!

Both Miitups in June are very sepcial to us, as Streetpass Chicago turns 3 years old! To help Celebrate this event we will give giveing away Celebrate and Happy Hour Smeargles!

For those that don’t know Happy Hour is a move that was released in Japan. When used it doubles the prize money earned in battles. It stacks with the prize money o-power and Amulet Coin/Luck Incense. 聽It is a great way to earn cash in Kalos!

Celebrate is just a move that was also given away in Japan and when used says Congratulations <trainer name>!

We will be handing them out at both Miitups in June, so spread the word about this give away! We hope to see a lot of you this month.